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The Human Side Week 12: Working as Small Self-Organising Teams

Posted by Graham Kirkwood on 7 June 2016 | 0 Comments

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What is the ideal work group size to achieve maximum work performance?  How can thesse groups be best arranged in a workspace?  Doctrine within military and emergency combat agencies is to limit the span of control to 5-7 people.  A group of 6 is frequently acknowledged as an ideal environment to generate creative ideas and solutions to problems; think of a Jazz Sextet, the Scout Patrol or the military Navy Seals 'Six'.    Within many team sports the number of team members range from 5-7.    There is research to support that the same principles apply to work teams within office environments.

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Week 12:

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The Human Side Week 10: Work patterns for 'Agile' management and 'Action' learning

Posted by Graham Kirkwood on 11 May 2015 | 0 Comments

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'Agile' managment methodologies are becoming more common within businesses that are working in highly volatile business environments.   Within Emergency Operations Centres (EOC's) where quality of decision making under extremely stressful conditions predominates, or within the IT sector where speed to market and innovation are driving forces, 'Agile' managment is already part of the everyday language.  Words such as daily 'Scrum', 'Sprint' and 'Kanban' frame a new paradigm of working and the physical envionment that supports it.  The same methodology is well established within the education sector, termed 'Action Learning'.

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Week 10:

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