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The Human Side: Week 3 - Increase Motivation for Learning and Innovation

Posted by Mary Beth Caccitolo on 16 August 2013 | 0 Comments

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Information is freely accessible in the workplace today, but the ability to share knowledge, reflect and learn from the experience of peers is far more important in order to motivate, innovate and be more productive.  Such behaviour patterns are enhanced by the way we bring together workspace, technology and people.

Read ahead for workplace design solutions to increase motivation for learning in the workplace!

Week 3:

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The Human Side: Week 2 - Express Group Meaning and Purpose

Posted by Mary Beth Caccitolo on 2 August 2013 | 0 Comments

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To continue our Human Side series, in effort to provide tips on how to humanise the workplace to achieve better business results, this week looks at ways to "Express Group Meaning and Purpose" in the workplace. This objective is based on the importance of expressing the organisation's vision clearly to both the customer and employee. This awareness fosters a sense of connectedness and a sense of community, both critical for the organisational culture and the brand.

Week 2:

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Launching an Alternative Workplace Initiative

Posted by Mary Beth Caccitolo on 20 February 2013 | 0 Comments

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 10 Tips Before you launch an Alternative Workplace Initiative…  

 The physical environment is only one piece of the puzzle in designing a successful workplace. With a noticeable shift in organisations considering more flexible workplace strategies, it is important to consider how these strategies will align with how the organisation functions and its business operations. Planning a successful workplace is a collective effort across various departments and many factors must be considered in the development and implementation of the plan.

Make sure your team understands the following vital concepts before moving forward:

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