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The Human Side Week 11: Building Intimate Customer Relations

Posted by Graham Kirkwood on 11 May 2015 | 0 Comments

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One organisation we recently worked with had a very unique strategy: To build intimate customer relations by developing more cohesion, participation and co-operation among the people doing things.   As a result, they used their workplace design as a catalyst for change in two key respects: firstly they inverted the structure putting people closest to the customer at the top. Secondly, customer/member information was treated as the most valuable and treasured resource available that bound the various activities throughout the organisation.  The workplace design makes these aspirations explicit through five design innovations.

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Week 11:

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The Human Side: Week 5 - Fulling the Brand Promise

Posted by Mary Beth Caccitolo on 29 August 2013 | 0 Comments

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When a client reaches for the door of a reception, they may have a preconception of the company. The reception and all the proceeding touch points a client (or any visitor) experiences in their journey through the space is an opportunity to set their preconception straight. One of the most effective touch points to reinforce the brand is through human interface. Having protocols in place of how employees treat customers in these face-to-face interactions is an operative way to convey your brand and should not be over-looked. However, the design of the physical space should support employees in easily acting out these behaviors and fulfilling the brand promise. The design can also provide other effective touch points to help form the overall experience.

Week 5:

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The Human Side: Week 2 - Express Group Meaning and Purpose

Posted by Mary Beth Caccitolo on 2 August 2013 | 0 Comments

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To continue our Human Side series, in effort to provide tips on how to humanise the workplace to achieve better business results, this week looks at ways to "Express Group Meaning and Purpose" in the workplace. This objective is based on the importance of expressing the organisation's vision clearly to both the customer and employee. This awareness fosters a sense of connectedness and a sense of community, both critical for the organisational culture and the brand.

Week 2:

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