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The Human Side: Week 8 - Facilitate Process Reliability and Efficiency

Posted by Graham Kirkwood on 20 February 2014 | 0 Comments

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The focus of our blog is how the physical workplace can help to make people work more effectively and productively as individuals.  But work is more commonly about a chain of processes carried out by a number of individuals. Improving individual productivity delivers only a small benefit compared to improving the process chain. For example, when an individual completes their work and passes it on to the next person, this is where the mistakes happen, and time is wasted. This transition is called ‘Hand-off’ and the time lost during each hand-off can exceed the time it takes to complete a task by a factor of 10. According to thought leader in process engineering and founder of Business Excellence Consulting, Mark Rehn states that by reducing the number of hand-offs or improving the hand-off process, an organisation can reduce operating cost by up to 30% while increasing the quality and consistency of the outcomes.

Week 8:

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