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The Human Side Week 13: Is Digital replacing the Physical Workplace?

Posted by Annette Davis on 18 January 2017 | 0 Comments

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The workplace today embodies both a physical and digital environment. Advancements in technology, and the consequent digitalisation of information, has impacted all industries.  An increasing number of businesses which were previously based around a physical workplace have transitioned to a digital interface, such as online clothes store ‘ASOS’ or taxi service app ‘Uber’.

The traditional workplace is indeed evolving in line with technology, which poses the question ‘Is digital replacing the physical workplace?

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Week 13:

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The Human Side Week 12: Working as Small Self-Organising Teams

Posted by Graham Kirkwood on 7 June 2016 | 0 Comments

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What is the ideal work group size to achieve maximum work performance?  How can thesse groups be best arranged in a workspace?  Doctrine within military and emergency combat agencies is to limit the span of control to 5-7 people.  A group of 6 is frequently acknowledged as an ideal environment to generate creative ideas and solutions to problems; think of a Jazz Sextet, the Scout Patrol or the military Navy Seals 'Six'.    Within many team sports the number of team members range from 5-7.    There is research to support that the same principles apply to work teams within office environments.

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Week 12:

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Explicit Function/Implicit Design

Posted by Cassie on 23 August 2012 | 0 Comments

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We care a lot about designing workplaces to make functionality explicit.

This project for Department of Sustainability & Environment required us to really push functionality to the limits by incorporating as much of the organisational processes as possible into the design.

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