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Master Builders Association Victoria House Redevelopment

  • MBAV06 reception
  • MBAV09 training
  • MBAV17 breakout
  • MBAV21 L2 meeting

The Challenge

Refurbish building and redesign the MBAV interior for improved workplace collaboration and occupant satisfaction.

Our Solution

Resource facilitated workshops with the client early in the project to define the measures of success on which the results would be benchmarked. Increasing workplace collaboration, idea sharing and problem solving were imperative, so the team pushed hard to design solutions that would enable this. A key feature was the variety of informal workspaces and relaxed meeting areas for employee engagement.

Their Return

The Master Builders Association of Victoria was so impressed with Resource's 'unconventional' design process and solutions for improving morale, productivity and customer relationships at their office building in Albert Street, East Melbourne, that board members said it restored their faith in the practice of architecture.

A post-occupancy evaluation undertaken with building occupants in 2009 assessed worker productivity and effectiveness of the new design. The results were beyond expectations – respondents rated:

The refurbishment also won two awards: