The Challenge:

  • Introduce alternative collaboration space concepts in the fit-out of three new floors to improve communication and connectivity between business units within the organisation.
  • Improve key adjacencies as a result of recent restructure of the organisation by “re-stacking” both new and existing floors throughout the CBD.
  • Accomodate growth through flexible workstations on new floors.
  • Design for space efficiency yet provide sufficient areas for collaboration.

Our Solution:

  • Integrate a large Breakout, Collaboration Hub, Quiet Booths and a wider variety of Meeting Rooms on each floor to foster collaboration.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to determine preferred re-stacking scenarios, and develop communication plans to advise all staff on relocations.
  • Complete a time utilisation study of existing floors to determine utilisation of workstations.
  • Retain existing workstation space standards, but allocate sufficient space to be shared between business units.

Their Result:

  • Budget spent effectively on shared spaces where it would achieve the greatest impact for the organisation.
  • Consolidation of business units and improvement of adjacencies to increase productivity, communication and collaboration.
  • Maximise use of space though the design of an efficient floor layout.