NBN Co National Operations Centre

The Challenge

  • To rapidly develop a strategic brief and feasibility for the design of the National Operations Centre in the Digital Harbour Precinct, Docklands.
  • To prepare a Project Requirements Definition, including scope, programme and budget for implementation.
  • To tender design services from specialist consultants and construction under a Management Contract agreement.

Our Solution

  • The Strategic brief set out the Critical Success Factors for the Design, as well as a preliminary schedule of spaces required based on interview and workshop outcomes.
  • Test fit plans were prepared and town planning applications were implemented at the earliest time.
  • The Project Requirements Definition encompassed input from all disciplines, including cost, town planning, compliance, security and engineering.

Their Return

  • Greater commitment to and understanding of the project vision by key stakeholders.
  • Certainty with regard to scope of critical infrastructure, town planning cost and programme.
  • Early identification and management of project risks, including town planning, power and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Less variations during the design and construction phases, and therefore earliest completion at less cost.
  • Project completed within a tight programme to quality within budget.