DSE Emergency Incident Control Centres

The Challenge

  • To develop a new design standard for Emergency Incident Control Centres statewide, following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.
  • To pilot the design guide as part of the new developments at Heywood and Heyfield DSE Work Centres.
  • To enable the number of occupants to increase from 24 up to 80 overnight and make AIIMS Process explicit and intuitive.
  • Tight budget requires compact footprint, optimal use of space and resources.

Our Solution

  • A central Control Room enables collaboration either in a standing or sitting position.
  • Adjacent Incident Controller office and radio room have full lines of sight into the Control Room and work areas.
  • All walls are lined with Smart Boards, pinboards and large area maps. Work benches can accommodate from 2 – 4 people.
  • The facility is designed for 24x7 operations with back up service infrastructure.
  • Each space is multifunctional, and maximizes use of the available space to be utilised by any emergency related agency.

Their Return

  • 42% increase in speed and quality of decisions
  • Accelerated start up during major emergencies
  • 4 star GBCA rating
  • 50% increase in productivity and engagement
  • 63% increase in intuitive functionality