Workplace Planning and Design

Bringing people, business, and workspace together.

Workplace projects are planned and designed to support the workplace strategy. Our planning and design projects include workspaces, work process, and the incorporation of new technology into organisations.

Planning begins by defining the project scope, budget, programme, risks and deliverables. Working with your people we then develop the brief for each part of the workplace strategy, generate ideas and filter those ideas into real design scenarios. Working collaboratively using design thinking techniques, we define a preferred scenario that will maximise your workplace potential. Scenarios may be small changes to what you have, a refurbishment, or a complete redesign. Inevitably they will introduce different levels of benefits, cost, risk and time.

Once a preferred scenario has been costed, evaluated, and agreed we develop concepts and following feedback, we further refine them for implementation.

Case Studies

Building Leadership Simulation Centre

Master Builders Association Redevelopment

United Energy Multinet

DSE Incident Control Centres


Since reconfiguring the floor plan, there's less customer confusion about where to go. Profitability has improved too. Previously we conducted training off-site to minimise costs. Resource built five training suites that doubled our floor space but also substantially increased our revenue. Resource's unusual approach continues to pay dividends for us and our members.

Brian Welch - Executive Director, MBAV