What is Resource Architecture?

Find out what Resource Architecture means.


Resource Architecture is the manifestation of an organisation's purpose and culture.

It brings together work space, work tool technologies and work behaviours to support teams and team communities.These 3 aspects are defined as:

  • Work Space: The sharing of workspace creates a workplace community where individuals and teams interact face to face.
  • Work Tools: Through digital information management tools teams are able to share information in real time within the team and across the team community.  Technology also enables mobility and virtual face to face collaboration anywhere anytime. 
  • Work Behaviours:  Working within small teams having regular structured, frequent and brief face to face meetings with both digital and analogue task boards increases understanding of shared purpose, situational awareness and consequences and in addition speeds up the flow of information and ideas, bringing networks closer together.

A successful workplace utilises both the traditional and more recent forms of workplace space, tools and behaviours.

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