Leading the Value-Driven Culture

Graham Kirkwood recently presented at our quarterly Workplace Leadership Briefing at the Building Leadership Simulation Centre. A particular focus of the presentation, Maximising Workplace Potential, was on the value of developing a unique culture for each project team to collectively strive to deliver the best possible project outcome based on the project's key objectives.

Leading the Value-Driven Culture

Working together as a team, and integrating all services from project inception helps to develop a collective understanding the key priorities of each project. Providing strong leadership and direction, each team member will have a better understanding of how to focus their role to best contribute to the project vision.

Ask the following questions to create a value-driven culture within your next project team:

    • What is it your project trying to achieve? How can this be communicated clearly to each project team member?
    • Whether they are the designer, builder, or consultant, how can each of your team members best contribute to the key objectives your project?
    • Is there a way to improve the procurement process by developing alliances from the start instead of using the traditional tendering process?

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