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Launching an Alternative Workplace Initiative

20 February 2013

10 Tips Before you launch an Alternative Workplace Initiative

The physical environment is only one piece of the puzzle in designing a successful workplace. With a noticeable shift in organisations considering more flexible workplace strategies, it is important to consider how these strategies will align with how the organisation functions and its business operations. Planning a successful workplace is a collective effort across various departments and many factors must be considered in the development and implementation of the plan.

Make sure your team understands the following vital concepts before moving forward:

Leading the Value-Driven Culture

Leading the Value-Driven Culture

06 February 2013

Graham Kirkwood recently presented at our quarterly Workplace Leadership Briefing at the Building Leadership Simulation Centre. A particular focus of the presentation, Maximising Workplace Potential, was on the value of developing a unique culture for each project team to collectively strive to deliver the best possible project outcome based on the project's key objectives.

Workplace Leadership Briefing: Maximising Your Organisation's Potential

Workplace Leadership Briefing: Maximising Your Organisation's Potential

05 February 2013

Resource Architecture recently hosted their quarterly Workplace Leadership Briefing with the Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC). The leadership briefing focused on:

  • Maximising People Potential through Workplace Simulation and Training, Marc Lyons of the BLSC
  • Maximising Workplace Potential through Workplace Design, Graham Kirkwood of Resource Architecture
  • Maximising  Business Potential  through Workplace Innovation, Margaret Manson of Innofuture